'Veiled within the beautiful displays of Polynesian dance and traditional movement lie functional teachings beneficial in everyday application. For generations these practices have taught healthy patterns of living, positively promoting holistic wellness and functionality in those who participate.'

Fundamental mobility


'To inspire the inherent nature of what it means to be a human being, to the fundamentals of life.  This natural and inspired movement practice  increases our capacity and competency to overcome/navigate real-life challenges and obstacles we are all faced with, whether the environment is artificial or natural.  We are cultivating TRUE fitness and health, a wholistic approach that involves and encompasses all aspects of life.'

Earth-Based Connection

'This is an approach to embodied practice that is aimed to radically transform and EXPAND the sense of self, by exploring and rediscovering patterns of movement and awareness that are within.  A Physical Culture grounded in sustainable interaction with the living world.  A physical and sensory inquiry into our capacity to innovate and co-create.  To further our evolution as a species, the human animal, to return to the fundamentals of our very existence.  We are here because the natural world sustains us, our lives have a meaningful function and purpose.  Distinct from personality, assumptions, and social narrative that arises from the belief in separation, the concept of “individuals”.  It is from nature that we are derived and that source allows us the capacity to feel, think, imagine, create, and make meaning.'  


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